Lippo Life Insurance Products


"We are here to give your Credit Protection and Family."


Borrowing money through the credit facility is a part of human life, whether personal or business designation. Under normal circumstances, The loan can be paid in accordance with a set time, and certainly will not cause problems.

However, life is a secret, it can happen to unforeseen circumstances , as death, then the responsibility to repay the debt to be very hard for those left behind

Lippo Life Assurance program offers Credit Life Insurance to protect the policyholder as a giver Loans ( KPR / AU / KPM ) of losses finasial. An insurance program designed to provide protection against creditors soul on the guarantee of non-payment of credit remaining due to the insured dies, and certainly will provide safety and comfort to you and your family.



If the Insured / debtor dies within the Insurance Period Lippo Life Assurance will memnbayar insurance benefits in the form of peunasan remaining principal loan balance remaining to the creditor as the policy holder.

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