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Life Insurance set ( Group Term Life )

"We are there to provide protection from risk in every stage of your life"

"Because we understand how precious your employees for the company"

It is no secret if the employee is a valuable asset for a company. Though not a major influence in the decision making process, but where employees can mempangaruhi success or failure of a company.

To maintain a good relationship with employees other than smooth communication between the company and employees, the attention given to the rights of company employees, including the safety and convenience of being able to maintain good relationships with employees

For that Lippo Life Assurance Life Insurance program offers a set of ( Group Term Life ) for employees in your company, a life insurance program designed to protect policyholders and beneficiaries of financial loss, as an Employee Benefit program for the welfare and protection of the lives of employees.


  1. Benefits of Life Insurance, is when the participant dies during the Period of Insurance, then paid benefits amounting to the sum insured life insurance Life Insurance.
  2. Accident Insurance Benefit, is when the participant dies because of an accident in the Period of Insurance, then paid the sum assured plus the sum insured Insurance Accident Insurance.

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